About Bodun


Qinhuangdao Bodun Electronics Co. Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of electromagnetic shielding windows, which supply optically transparent shielding materials for electronic displays and enclosures to meet the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements in complex environments.

Bodun’s headquarters and production base are located in Qinhuangdao, China. Our team has 30 years’ research and manufacturing experience in this field and Bodun, founded in 2007, aims to offer customers with professional services and high-performance tailor-made shielding products. With outstanding research, design and manufacture capabilities, Bodun has been expanding rapidly within last few years and become a leading manufacturer in China. We are now proud to present our company to the overseas market and seeking for long-term strategic partners.

Bodun owns two core technologies – Electromagnetic Shielding and Sunlight Readable • Optical Bonding, together providing a wide range of innovative customized solutions to protect your displays from electromagnetic interference (EMI) as well as enhance performance. In order to satisfy different demands of design and specifications, Bodun offers a range of optical windows from high shielding effectiveness to high light transmission. Various shielding options are available, such as wire mesh, ITO coatings and micromesh. Our products have been widely applied in military, avionics, industrial, medical, electronics and telecommunications.

Bodun is registered with ISO9001 quality management system. Our team is committed to providing customers with reliable experience, high-quality products, rapid response and professional services. Our products are ideal for improving your displays’ functions and performance to meet environmental challenges.

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